General conditions


1. The prices are to intend per apartment and they include the cost of the rental, our Agency commission, all consumption of hot and cold water, electricity, gas for cooking, heating (only in winter season), bed linen and towels, final cleaning, tourist tax (as calculated on the number of people indicated in the quote / booking phase).

2. At the reservation we require a deposit of 50% of the total amount, to pay within 3 days. Payments are possible with: Credit Card or Bank Transfer* to DOLOMITISSIME SRL

* For reservations area FALCADE send payment to:

UNICREDIT BANCA SPA - Falcade (BL) | IBAN CODE: IT 79 I 02008 61090 000004496760 | BIC SWIFT: UNICRITM1N28

* For reservations area ALLEGHE - MARMOLADA - SELVA DI CADORE send payment to:

CORTINA BANCA - Alleghe (BL)  | IBAN CODE: IT 73 Q 08511 61001 000000400291 | BIC SWIFT: CCRTIT2T95A

* For reservations area VAL DI FASSA send payment to:

UNICREDIT BANCA SPA - Falcade (BL) | IBAN CODE: IT 73 F 02008 61090 000104368628 | BIC SWIFT: UNICRITM1N28


 In case of cancellation the deposit will not be refunded.



In the case of problems related to Covid-19, such as illness or quarantine, accompanied by a medical certificate or border closure decrees, it is possible to change the period of stay or convert the deposit into a VOUCHER that can be used within 365 days from the date of issue.


- Mandatory quarantine: in case of travel restrictions arriving or returning back home.

- In case of illness of first or second-degree relatives, who can provide a medical certificate.

- If there is a travel ban in the customer's home country, but not in the country of destination.

- If there is a travel ban in Italy.


3. The balance must be paid on the arrival, together with the delivery of the keys. The payment in cash can be done for max. € 999.99; for higher amounts it's obligatory to pay by credit card, as specified from the Italian law.

4. The apartments are available from 4 to 6.30 pm of the fixed day of arrival. In case of delay or postponed arrival, please notify immediately the Agency. Without notification the apartments are available until 6 pm of the day after the booked date, then the Agency is free to retain the deposit and to rent the apartment again. In case of late arrival or early departure there is no refund.

5. It is strictly forbidden to accommodate more people than allowed by the number of bed places indicated in our offer, otherwise the contract is rescinded. All guests have to respect quiet and peace, especially after midday and during the night.


6. Pets are admitted only in some apartments, depending on the house rules, they can be brought only when authorized by the Agency, an additional cost can be required.

7. The apartments are delivered clean and tidy, fully furnished and equipped with cooking facilities, fridge, dishes, pots, glasses ... hot and cold water, heating (only in the winter season), blankets, pillows, sheets.

8. To guarantee the good conditions of the apartment and the objects contained, we require at the arrival a caution of € 150, this will be returned after the check of the apartment by the Agency's staff.

9. Guests are requested to take care of the apartments, if the property or the furniture will be damaged the caution will be used to pay the necessary repairs. Any damage or discrepancies found will be recognized only if reported before 12:00 on the day after the arrival. The furniture and equipment in each apartment can not be transferred outside or in other accommodation.

10. It is consented to the staff of the Agency or from the Agency authorized persons to enter the apartment in case they are needed repairs or maintenance, also in the absence of guests.

11. The apartment must be vacated within 9:00 am, be left tidy, free of garbage, bottles, doing correctly the differentiated collection of waste as explained by the staff of the Agency at the arrival, the dishes and the cooking corner must be left clean.

12. For the Municipality of Falcade, Canale d'Agordo, Alleghe, Rocca Pietore and Selva di Cadore the tourist tax costs € 1,00 per person per night, children aged less than 13 years old are exempted from the tax (Falcade, Canale d'Agordo, Alleghe and Rocca Pietore) and children aged less than 12 years old are exempted from the tax (Selva di Cadore). For the Val di Fassa the tourist tax is € 1.00 per person per night, children under 14 are exempt. For the Minicipality of Colle Santa Lucia the tourist tax is € 1.50 per person per night, children under 13 are exempt.

13. According to the law on the protection of personal data in accordance with EU regulation 679/2016 (EU-GDPR), we inform you that your personal data will be used only for sending price lists and for purposes related to the booking and the notification to the competent authorities of the people.

14. To guarantee and speed up the check-in process, the tourist is asked for the image of the document that will be used according to the current legislation of the GDPR. Document images will be automatically deleted on the day of check-out.


With the booking you accept all the conditions